Friday, December 5, 2008

Stolen pleasure

Winter let down its damp grey guard for just a moment Thursday. Opportunistically, Steve Davis, Matt Newlin, and I rushed in to snatch a beautiful ride from winter's clutches. Sunny skies and pleasant temperatures accompanied us on our ride of Permanent route 341: Leschi-Redmond-North Bend-Maple Valley-Leschi.

Although a perfect day for the Fenderless R-12 quest, a cold had sidelined chief quester Amy Pieper. So we all brought fendered bikes - Steve his shiny new old Schwinn, Matt his cream Kogswell, and me the back-from-Down-Under Serotta - as we made off with our prize. Included with our theft were mountain views (Baker and Rainier), glorious quiet road riding under the gaze of Mt. Si, the company of our fair-weather riding shadows, and good coffee. Sweet!