Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A note from Anita Hameister

I received a very nice e-mail from Steve Hameister's wife last night. It says a lot about Steve and about randonneuring.


The farewell took place tonight for all family. It is yet so surreal. I went thru his belongings and saw his passion yet again.

Steven drank in nature, didn't enjoy loud machines. Sailing, biking, hiking...never snow mobiles, power boats......He didn't get it why someone wanted to disturb the amazing sound of the natural world. He told me to try to imagine riding in the middle of the night in silence. Watching stars when the road felt safe to look away. He said the stars were intoxicating. Oh, and seeing Eagles and Hawks soaring, wow.

He only called me once when he said he was in Aberdeen and felt he couldn't finish, needing me to come get him. Next morning he was chipper and had finished. He felt good about his personal best. The journey and completion was his deal.

His journey in this place of time and space were authentic. He felt a kinship with all riders. Raw effort, compassion for the struggle I believe kept him in the sport. His competition was with himself.

I thank you all for being part of his joy. I am sad to lose such an amazing man. He was a good Husband, Father, Grandfather...he was gentle and caring a very deep way.

If any pictures of him are floating around in the past rides, please forward them.

With Gratitude to all RUSA........Keep it up. There are lots of guys you make a difference to.

Anita Hameister
Glacier WA


Allison said...

That is an amazing note about Steve. Thanks to Anita for writing it and thanks to Mark for sharing it with us.


Peter McKay said...

Her note says a lot about herself. Anita Hameister is a loving and caring individual.

Cecil Anne said...

Thank you Anita for your note and Mark for passing it on - I just met Steve a few weeks ago when he came down for the OrRando Grab Bag 300 - I was so sorry to hear of his death, he was so clearly in love with life and with riding - my thoughts are with Anita and his family at this time.