Monday, April 7, 2008

Giving Back

Snow and ice postponed the SIR 300k brevet from 3/29 to this past Saturday. A prior commitment (political caucus) kept me off the roads for the rescheduled 300k. In retrospect, spending 16 hours on my bike would probably have been less grueling than the 10 hours spent in a local high school gym.

SIR had a non-riding event Sunday. Through the efforts of SIR member and PBP ancienne Amy Pieper and others, the club adopted a section of road along Lake Sammamish. Having proven our bona fides with the fall cleanup, the county put our name on the "Adopt-a-Road" sign in time for this weekend.

Yesterday, about a dozen club members showed up for our second cleanup of that section. Kent Peterson took this shot of the crew at work:

True to form for an SIR event, a good rain came along to soak us part way through the festivities. Thanks to all who helped.

A sorry note: Although most of the roadside trash appeared to have originated from passing cars, we did find empty gel packets and energy bar wrappers suggesting that we cyclists aren't always the best of citizens either. Let's put the empties back in our jersey pockets, ok?


Peter McKay said...

Love the recognition sign and the group of individuals it represents!

tripieper said...

I don't think I've ever seen my name in the same sentence with PBP ancienne. I LIKE it! Thanks for the help on Sunday - and where was our pal Peter McKay???

tripieper said...

I've never seen my name in the same sentence with PBP ancienne - I have to say it looks good! Thanks for the help - but where was our pal Peter McKay???