Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cool down

After cooking the previous weekend in Oregon, this past weekend I set off with a merry band of SIR volunteers on the workers' ride of the SIR 600km brevet.
  • Instead of highs in the upper 90s, we had highs in the mid 60s.
  • Instead of 20k+ feet of climbing, we had 10k.
  • Instead of 6 climbs to above 3000 feet, we had one climb over 1500 feet.
  • Instead of only 1 sleepless hour at the overnight stop in Prineville, we had about 7 hours in Centralia, much of which, admittedly, was spent in a bar.
  • Instead of 32 hours in the saddle, I had 26.
  • Instead of an 11.8mph moving average, I moved at 14.4mph.
  • Instead of sun-baked desert, we had lush green Evergreen State scenery.
  • Instead of losing calories, I packed them in.
Just what the doctor ordered.

Come try it yourself on Saturday.

(Occasionally functional Google Maps link here)

Eat much?


bikebetty said...

Mark, your graphic has tapped into my favorite way to enjoy and recount a ride (or, for that matter, anything in life): snack stop to snack stop!

Thank you for that. :-) Your recitation is the first that has me even remotely entertaining the idea of something like a 600K. All other stories, opinions and suggestions have fallen on deaf or incredulous ears: hallucinations, fun (??) the love of ditch-napping, physical challenge, pain love and management, camaraderie, etc.

But breaking down the endeavor into baby steps, snack to snack, is something I can truly relate to and embrace.

Ride on!


Donald Boothby said...

I must say, Mark, I'm a bit disappointed in your graphic. Whilst it is one of the more enlightening and obviously well thought out graphs of a ride I've ever seen, it lacks a certain something........

.......oh yeah! ONLY TWO COFFEES?

Wonderful ride report, sir.

Robert H said...

Mark started wearing a camelbak specifically for coffee. That explains his recent speed increases and more frequent bathroom stops.

Susan France said...

This graphic with callouts makes this week look a whole lot more fun than last week. I can even see the point at which you slept...excuse me, occupied the bar stool... without my magnifying glass.
Crossed fingers that the next adventure provides some time for horizontal graphics and food related callouts.