Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Maintaining my figure

"With all your riding, shouldn't you be a lot lighter?" A simple question, as my roommate at PAC Tour Desert Camp this spring tries to reconcile my stories of randonneuring with their Clydesdale-ish teller.

Probably so, I guess. But I really like to eat. Yesterday Amy and Robin Pieper joined me for a 200km permanent (#624) that loops from Arlington up to Bellingham and back. The Piepers claimed not to have been riding but were quite speedy.

After 45 kilometers, we stop in the control town of Sedro Wooley at a bakery cafe. I order an apple fritter larger than my head to go with my latte. The clerk hands me the fritter in a bag, then realizes that we are planning to sit and eat. She puts the fritter on a plate but gives me the bag anyway. "No one finishes those; you'll need the bag." I didn't.

In Bellingham, we met Dan Turner for lunch at the Mambo Italiano Cafe. I have the spaghetti carbonara, a caesar salad, a pint of Mac & Jacks, and bread and olive oil while waiting. After the meal, Robin gets the check. I look over his shoulder. Nearly half the bill for our party of four is for my stuff.

A lovely, scenic 200 kilometer ride with nice views along Lake Whatcom and Chuckanut Drive consumes 9900 calories according to my GPS. The Garmin provides a wealth of information, but it doesn't provide a net calorie reading. If it only knew what was happening during those zero kph pauses.


bmike said...

been my problem this year as well. i've been focusing on my RCP* award... and well - i think i'm close to earning it.

*Randonneur café pâtisserie

Vincent Muoneke said...

2 things boost my confidence on a long ride when I am hungry (eating) and when I am pee-ing lots.
When they go I don't last for 2 long


brad said...

I'm totally in your camp. Here's my most recent blog post. I didn't even count the whole, unhusked ear of corn that I consumed sometime after the finish just to lighten the front bag load.

By the way, I notice that you have a very nice front bag on the bike you gook to Denmark. Is that a standard geometry fork or have you succumbed?

Peter McKay said...

Nice photo of the Piepers! I see that Robin is drafting Amy again. Must she always do all the work?

Jason said...

Ride to eat
Eat to ride

Eastside Clydes!