Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yakima 400km/300km

Last night at 10, five riders headed north on the 400km ACP brevet. The route would take them through the Ellensburg canyon to Ellensburg, then over Blewett Pass (where Ray McFall mans a secret control) to Leavenworth, up to Stevens Pass (where Steve Hameister awaits them), and then back. The riders were Ken Carter, Ryan Hamilton, Chuck Hoffman, Brian Ohlmeier, and Paul Whitney.

This morning at 6, eight riders started the 300km RUSA brevet on the same route, but without the Leavenworth-Stevens Pass-Leavenworth segment. The starters were Shane Balkovetz, Ward Beebe, Matt Dalton, Ken Krichman, Ted Lundin, John Morris, Sal Ortega, and Owen Richards.

Steve Hameister reports that 400km riders Brian and Ryan came through the Stevens Pass control at 6:50 this morning, Ken at 7:45, and Paul and Chuck at 11:40. All were doing well and should make up time coming down the long hill.

Ray returned to Yakima a little while ago. All the 300km riders made it to the Blewett Pass summit outbound by 12:30 or so.

Ryan and Brian finished the 400km at 3:13PM looking hardly the worse for wear (17:13 finishing time).

4:31PM - Ken Carter just finished the 400km.

John Morris is the first 300km finisher, arriving at 6:53PM for an great time of 12:53. Ward Beebe came in less than an hour later at 7:51PM (time = 13:51).

Shane Balkovetz, Matt Dalton, and the esteemed Dr K (Ken Krichman) finished the 300km at 9:42PM (time = 15:42). Still waiting for Chuck Hoffman and Paul Whitney (400km) and Ted Lundin, Owen Richards, and Sal Ortega (300km).

Paul Whitney (400km) arrived at 11:15PM (25:15 ride time) and Sal Ortega (300km) came in at 11:25PM (17:25 ride time) after a bit of a misdirection adventure on the bike trail close to the finish. Owen Richards and Ted Lundin (300km) finished at 11:42PM (17:42 ride time).

At about 1:30AM, Chuck Hoffman came in. After struggling with stomach problems all day, he was happy to have finished (even though outside the time limit).

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